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Kate/22/Michigan. Thai (Thailand) is my nationality & I'm damn proud^_^ I'm a pretty nice person (most of the time), but I can come off as pretty pathetic here & there. If you actually "know" me & is my friend, you might see that I actually have a good heart. I tried to stay away from being on the bad side of people, but if they still assholes, then I'll throw in some punches. Then I'll start over on a new slate the next day. Most of who I am today are mostly due to all the crap that happened in my life. But you would never hear me say anything like, "Why me?" If anything it's more like: "Why was I so damn weak?!" Lol...yea:S So I'm pretty secretive most of the time.

Pretty opinionated, can show some major passion, & fired up on certain subjects. Can talk just about anything - between crazy subjects like poop, curiosity of different sex subjects, people's opinions on tough subjects, psychology, teen's behaviors, etc. I'm rare in that I'm really really fascinated with criminal psychology, the Brothers Grimm kind of fairly tales, ancient history, the Holocaust, serial killers, vampires, etc. I have my own mind when it comes to thinking; I don't fall into peer pressure unless I feel like falling a bit, hehe. In the past, I knew myself well enough not to do certain things that might get me in too deep. I've always come out just in time. Love my family (though we of course our issues), into my future & school, blah blah blah. I look sweet, I acted/talked kinky or naughty from time to time depending on who I'm around (& how bored I am). But overall, I'm a good girl who just happened to have an open-mind. Oh yea, I'm pretty open-minded, understanding, loyal, & all that junk.

Again, I can seem/be complicated sometimes, but I don't mean it...it just happens. I try very very hard not to judge people. I like honesty. I'd rather be friends with an open junky/coke head than a lying in denial "good girl".

P.S. I love World of Warcraft^_~.
I've discovered LJ 3 or 4 years ago. & I've had 2 past LJs before & they really felt like journals. But nowadays I've stepped back a little. More than anything this would be for my arts.

Please follow these rules if you expect to use any of my graphic.

★Please post a comment telling me what/if you take anything.
NO on hotlinking.
★If you plan to use any, a link is not mandatory, but it would be nice^_^
★Enjoy! And Thank you.
MOVIES: Inception, Titanic, Fight Club, The Dark Knight, Disney/Pixar movies, Lucky Number Slevin, The Tournament, Cruel Intentions, Snow Falling on Cedars, Terminator Salvation, & a lot more!

TV: Nikita, How I Met Your Mother, Sanctuary, House, Merlin, Doctor Who, Hawaii Five-0, Being Human, Dexter, True Blood, Weeds, Community, 30 Rock, Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Lie to Me, Rules of Engagement, The Big Bang Theory, Cougar Town, South Park, Grey's Anatomy, White Collar, Family Guy, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: UK, Dollhouse.

MUSIC: The All-American Rejets, The Beatles, OneRepublic, Boys Like Girls, We the Kings, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Snow Patrol, Metro Station, The Fray, Breaking Benjamin, & more. All ranges. Except techno. I really really don't like techno.

SHIPPING: Arthur&Gwen, Damon&Bonnie, Michael&Nikita, Steve&Kono, Doctor&River, Danny&Kono, Matt&Alesha, Will&Kate, Annie&Mitchell, Clark&Lana, House&Cuddy, Eric&Sookie, Neal&Kate, Barney&Robin, Jackson&Christina&Owen, Robin&Marian, Vanessa&Dan, Reid&Prentiss, Bruce Wayne&Rachel Dawes, Annie&Jeff, Victor&Sierra&Topher.

BOOKS: ♥ books. Memoirs of the Geisha, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, Snow Falling on Cedars, The Vampire Diaries, etc. I like reading all kind, but my favs involved dark stuff if possible.

RESOURCES: I've been around on the internet for quite a while, and during those time I've gathered up quite a few resources for graphics, hehe. Due to that, I can't tell what I've used & what I didn't. So I'm just going to post up links from places I've ever been on where I save their materials.
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